Kitchen Floor

So when we moved in we had cheap laminate flooring in the renovated kitchen and bath.  Fast forward 7 years we still had the same flooring, but ya know what with 4 LARGE dogs it didn’t look half bad.  So we set out in search of similar looking flooring wood, laminate, or engineered.  In 7 years it appears I have also become cheaper…more frugal…nope cheaper, lol.  With a constant stream of never ending projects I set out watching craigslist for a bargain.  Bam! Found 800sq ft of an engineered floor some other DIYer bought on clearance and then did not use.  We bought all he had at about a buck a square foot.  So we have a new kitchen floor, it closely matches the rest of the house and is durable enough for the dogs…hopefully


Behold the old above and below


We pulled up the old laminate and resold it on craigslist – it has a new home in that guy’s chicken coop🐔

We left the previous padding over the subfloor and old hardwood since the goal was to make this a floating floor also.  West Texas drought is no joke and our house shifts constantly hopefully the floating part keeps it from gapping



We were hoping to find old hardwood – like the rest of the house- but it was only in part of the kitchen, boo.



First row started so we could fit the area under the stove




Not too bad for a days work.  Oh yeah now I have moulding to caulk and paint!



Vintage Door Headboard and Bed

So my Grandma had these doors that I have wanted since I was about 16.  They were from the Charles Gurney Hotel.  We figured they were from the early 1900s to maybe the 1920s.  She purchased them at a sale where you bought a room, she had doors, mirrors, etc (sometime in the early 1980s).  A few years ago when my Grandma passed away I finally was able to bring them back to Texas.  The Hubs and I  first thought we would use them as our bedroom doors, but that would have required cutting them down and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that.  So we decided to try them as a headboard.  Enter Pinterest!  After looking at several ideas, taking the ideas from our old bed, and figuring in the need for underbed storage we came up with a plan.  I really wanted to keep the doors intact and put as few holes in them as possible just incase I ever want to do something else fancy with them!

before door

I started with cleaning them.  The original plan was to strip them and refinish them.  After I started cleaning them I was really digging the vintage rustic vibe they had.  Thank you Murphy Oil Soap!

almost clean door

So now I just needed to seal them.  That always posses a problem because I HATE HATE HATE sanding.  So I looked around to see what we might have at home.  A few years ago I sealed a table with this


Watco Butcher Block Sealer, I did not sand prior and it has held up very well.

So 2 coats on each door and it was time to put them up.  Sorry for the horrible pictures


The Hubs used a French Cleat to hang them on the wall – found in various places on pinterest.

Now it was time for the bed frame.



I knew I wanted to get rid of the box spring- with the bed being tall and me being well not!  I needed to cut some height of the finished product so we used plywood laid over the bed frame to support the mattress.  It will lift out if we every need to move the bed.



Snitch approves of the handiness of The Hubs…or he is taking credit for it…or he just wants to lay on the bed…probably the last one!



Now to stain.  I mixed these two stains until I got a similar color to the doors – apparently they don’t make premixed 100 year old-ish stain color anymore, go figure!

I sealed the bed with regular Polycrilic.  Finally, I put these nifty signs that were originally on the doors back on.



I did clean the little glass

Then I needed to cover up the door know holes, again not wanting to put extra holes in the doors if possible.


I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby, on sale for like $2.50 each.  SCORE!!  You can’t see the knobs most of the time, but they make me feel better.

So here is the finished product.

20150907_105747_resized 20150907_105819_resized

Well almost finished…still need to do some sort of bedskirt, haven’t decided what to do with that.  Ideas?

Siri Black

So I mentioned that my husband runs a shelter.  We had a huge storm last week and got about 8 inches of rain in one day = flooding for dry west Texas.  On that day a sweet little 5 month old schnauzer girl was found dumped.  She has a broken leg, scrapes and cuts.  He took her and had her patched up and the leg splinted.  Now we have an adorable foster pup, Siri.  Yes we named her after Surius Black, she is shaggy and well sort of looks like Padfoot, and she has to have a name to come to🐾.  We are going to foster her, love her and keep her safe until she finds a furever home!  She is adorable, so far as we can tell potty trained, sleeps all night, leaves her splint alone, rides well in the car and gets along with our pups.  Not sure how someone could dump her, but unfortunately that is something the hubs deals with everyday at work.  Some people are terrible.

Well here she is…Siri.




Loveable and sweet!  She got adopted this am!

About me

Hi y’all! Just kidding I am a northern transplant to Texas, I still say you guys! I am a thirty-something diy-er, nurse and FRIENDS-aholic. I have the help of a wonderful kind husband who is my project partner and he saves puppies all day…he runs a shelter! He is handier than pockets on a shirt, much handier than I am, I could not do any of this without him.  We have a small 1920 bungalow that we are trying to make our own.  We also have 4 bounding rescue pups. They are our crew, they have to be in every project. Usually the boys…Duke and Snitch are chasing each other or rolling around on top of supplies. The self proclaimed princess Dora is the project foreman, and our first baby Dutchess the fifteen year old pointer is usually hoping we are doing anything that involves food!

Well that is us! I am new to this blog adventure – so we will see how this goes.

So I was wanting to have a small cabinet for next to my fridge.  I looked at several places and could not find anything the right size so my dear hubs offered his building skills.  Here is the progress.
Hmm…loaded the pictures in the wrong order…sorry still trying to get the hang of this! Have a great weekend









Little Cabinet

our little bungalow

We have a small 100 year old Craftsman that we are in the process of renovating.  Process makes it sound like it has a start and finish, ha that’s a good one!  The process started the day we closed on the house and continues today.  As I get the hang of this posting thing I hope to chronicle all of the work.  The Hubs is pretty handy and always willing to take on my projects.  The mutts are always on hand to step on/leave hair/give kisses/lay on help!


This was a few years ago.

Will add more of our progress and projects soon